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How Atradius Manages A Decentralised Travel Programme


Managing a decentralised travel programme at Atradius

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Global insurance company Atradius uses Egencia to deliver a single corporate travel solution across multiple regions.

Managing a decentralised business travel programme

Atradius delivers trade credit insurance in over 54 countries worldwide. As a truly multinational organisation, business travel plays a crucial part in supporting the business’ internal and external connections. Atradius has a decentralised travel programme, where every country has a corporate travel manager who selected and implemented a preferred travel management company (TMC) or agency. Previously operating with a more traditional TMC, Atradius explicitly chose Egencia across specific regions for our user-friendly, intuitive online booking tool. "We have 4,500 employees globally right now,” Atradius purchaser, Arno Beekhuizen said. “With over a third of these based across Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and the US who are working with Egencia." Multiple countries work with Atradius, which greatly simplifies travel programme administration. "We have one TMC contract across those countries," Beekhuizen explained. "I'd love to make it mandatory for all countries to use Egencia."

"Egencia does a lot locally to support each region. Each region works with Egencia around onboarding for tax and legal requirements, and all requirements are woven in."

Each country has its own specific challenges and needs when it comes to business travel. We offer a corporate travel solution that provides consistency across regions with travel booking, management, administration, reporting, duty of care, and extensive supply in one place.

Simplifying business travel reporting and expense Reporting is a key focus for Atradius, and the visual data available in Egencia Analytics Studio provide decision-making insights. "We use reporting a lot at Atradius. I can use the reports to get a view of the whole programme and use the figures in wider facilities reporting," Beekhuizen explained. "We can see the reasons that people go out of policy, and we can use the information to change policies if we need." Egencia Traveller Tracker also delivers vital duty of care reporting to help Atradius plan for crisis management and support business travellers on the road. "We like to know where travellers are, where they plan to be, and where they've been so we can offer duty of care," Beekhuizen said.

Straightforward travel expense management is another priority for Atradius’ travel programme and Egencia is able to help them in several ways. We work with specialist financial organisations to offer Lodge Card options. These organisations can then provide financial expertise while we support travel payments through technology and deliver travel management expertise. We're then able to give Atradius an ecosystem that is complete with enriched, insightful data to help them manage and optimise their spend.

"From the point of view of our travellers, most of the hotels and flights feel paid for by the business and no expensing is required from them. It's saved us and our travellers' a lot of time and admin."

"Our programme is integrated with a Lodge Card, which is really useful too – we customise our expense reports and combine them with reports from Egencia."

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